Pro American Designs believes in building a relationship that lasts longer with every next customer that knocks our door. Therefore, we always mention everything clearly in the terms and condition section. Customers are highly encouraged to read this section before ordering the services.

Revision Policy

The count of revisions that is assigned depends on the selected package, and you can request the number of revisions specified in the package details. We focus on providing the best service to our customers and will continue to revise until our valuable customer is satisfied. There will be no additional charges unless you change the whole concept. Within 48 hours, a revised logo design will be created. All website design revisions are delivered within 24 hours, and all web development revisions are delivered under the span of 24-48 hours (depending on the complexity of the revision).

Policy For Refunds

The refund policy of Pro American Designs will be null and void if :

  • You've selected an all-in-one plan.
  • The main concept for the design has been approved.
  • You've asked for changes.
  • The cancellation was made for reasons unrelated to the business
  • If the policies of company has been compromised.
  • In case another company or designer has been approached for the same project.
  • There isn't enough detail in the creative brief.
  • A thorough redesign has been requested.
  • The time limit for submitting a ‘request for refund' has passed.
  • The company is going out of business or changing its name.
  • If a customer purchases a service bundle and is displeased with one of the services, a refund will be issued for that service only.
  • After the final files are sent to customers in response to their request, no refund should be requested or processed.

How to claim your refund

To assure your refund request is approved, please make sure you meet the following requirements.

  • Claim your refund specifying your concern by contacting us via any of the following three modes:
  • Toll free # 321-396-5444
  • Live Chat
  • [email protected]
  • We will try to resolve your concern by virtue of our revision policy immediately or else will email you a refund request approval from our refund department. After the refund, your design rights would be obtained by Pro American Designs and you would not be able to display any version of the design sent by company. Let us also specify that.
  • Since the design rights would now be transferred to the company, you agree that you will have no right (direct or indirect) to use any response or other content, work product or media, nor will you have any ownership interest in or to the same.
  • Working in collaboration with the Government Copyright Agencies Pro American Designs would share Copyright Acquisition information for the refunded designs that would restrict the re-use of the designs as original designs in the future. If you have any questions or concerns about our Refund Policy, please contact us by clicking here [email protected].

Policy For Quality Assurance

  • We do everything we can to satisfy your needs, and our designers do everything they can to turn your ideas into a reality.
  • We believe in giving the best designs possible, and each one is meticulously researched and developed.
  • Our promise of limitless modifications ensures that you are completely happy.
  • We aspire to exceed your expectations and work hard to do so.
  • We won't stop revising your design until you're fully satisfied.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We rework the ordered design and keep on revising it until you are 100% satisfied (depending upon your package).

Delivery Policy

All design order files are delivered to My Account as per the date specified on the "Order Confirmation". An e-mail is also sent to inform the client about their design order delivery made to their specific account area. All policies pertaining to revision & refund are subject to date and time of design order delivered to client's account area. All design order files are delivered to "My Account" as per the date specified on the "Order Confirmation". An e-mail is also sent to inform the client about their design order delivery made to their specific account area. All policies pertaining to revision & refund are subject to date and time of design order delivered to client's account area. We deliver all our customized design orders via e-mail within 5 to 7 days of receiving your order. We offer a RUSH DELIVERY service through which you can have your first logo samples within 48 hours by paying just $100 extra! For further assistance, contact us at 24-Hour Customer Support Center.

Record Maintenance

We keep a record of your finalized design once we provide you the final files. If you require the final files again in the future we can send them to you at your request.

Customer Support

We offer 24-Hour Customer Support to address your queries and questions. You can contact us any time and we guarantee to respond immediately.

Access to Information

To access Pro American Designs services you may be asked to provide certain registration details or other information. By accepting these terms & conditions, you hereby acknowledge that all the information provided by you will be correct, current, and complete. If Pro American Designs believes the information that you have provided is not correct, current, or complete, Pro American Designs has the right to refuse your access to any services or any of its resources, and to terminate or suspend your account at any time. Pro American Designs is operating under a PCI DSS compliant company; therefore it is authorized to keep your credit card information on file that can be used for any recurring service, additional development hours, server or network equipment required to develop or launch your website without any prior notification. However, our representatives always bring this in knowledge so that you are aware about all the processes.

100% Unique Design Guarantee

At Pro American Designs we guarantee that all of our customers' logos are made from scratch. This way you will have a logo that is tailor made for your requirements. We guarantee that your logo will be unique and impress your clientele.


The Company will assist the Client with the integration of 3rd party plugins and APIs but any third party integration required to assist with the functionality of the website will be STRICTLY standard. The Company will not have anything to do with any third party dealings during the development of this project. All additional work will require a separate fee agreement.

Reactivation Policy

If the client gets unresponsive for a month or more then the project will be considered closed. A reactivation fee will be charged for the said project.

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